The MOVINGBOXES App will help you with your move from start to finish.

"We know that you have a lot on your mind during the move. That's why we want to make it easier for you to concentrate on the essentials"

«Ciao» to the move chaos

That can MovingBoxes


Keep track! Name and fill your boxes. You'll find everything again - faster than you ever thought.


Print a list of all content and give each of your helpers a plan in their hands.


At any time know what to do.


Manage your own fields and assign them.


Content fragile? Likes it! Create printable labels for each carton.

Find partners

Do you need help? Find partners in your area.


Document all deficiencies and appointments and have it signed.


Share your move with family and/or friends.

Volume calculation

Find out how extensive your move is.

Add items/images/furniture

Here we show you how easy it is to add your items to a box. You can upload pictures from your gallery or take a picture with your camera. A piece of furniture such as you can even add the dimensions (WxHxD) to a bed, a cupboard, etc. - these are taken into account when calculating the volume.





Find your items and furniture in inventory. So you can quickly see where you can find them.
You can adjust the sorting of items and images in the settings.

Moving Checklist

The moving checklist will help you not to lose track during the move. What are the most important steps at any given moment during the move?
From experience we have divided the relocation checklist into the following periods.
  • As soon as possible
  • 2 weeks before moving
  • 1 week before moving
  • 1 day before moving
  • On moving day
  • As soon as possible after the move
You can fill your checklist with new ToDo's at any time.



Volume calculation

Moving boxes come in different sizes and variants. You can manage these in the app. You can determine the volume of the moving box yourself or have it calculated by specifying LxWxD.
You can also add size and volume information to furniture.
You can use the estimated moving volume to better estimate how many helpers and/or which (rental) vehicle you will need.

PDF export

You can create and print out your moving data in various ways as a PDF. You can change the paper format and orientation in the settings.

The following print options already exist:

Box- und Room Overview


(with/without inventory ; with/without QR codes)


(with/without images; grouped by moving boxes and rooms)


(Table ; without grouping)

The Checklist can of course also be printed as a PDF.

Number, date and time formats

There are different regions and cultures that use different number, date, and time formats. This is how you can change the formats.

Because your smartphone is always there when you move.

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