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A partnership with the MOVINGBOXES-App brings the following benefits

Increase in customer satisfaction

If your customers have a better moving experience by using the MOVINGBOXES-App, they are more likely to be happier and leave positive reviews for your moving company. Happy customers are happy to share their experiences with others and your mover can get more business.

Increasing visibility and expanding the customer base

Partnering with the MOVINGBOXES-App can help your moving business be seen by a larger number of people using the app. This can help your moving company attract new customers and expand your customer base.

Setting apart from your competitors

If your moving company partners with the MOVINGBOXES-App, you can differentiate yourself from your competition and position yourself as a modern and progressive company. This can help your moving company be preferred by potential customers.

Your company in the MOVINGBOXES-App


Company Data

Your data will be displayed on the app's home page.


Your business will appear on the map


Your customer can quickly and easily recommend your company.

+ the advantages for your customers

depending on the package

How does that work? During the ordering process you can set a code that you will give to your customers in the future. (via link, QR code, flyer, customer invoice, etc..) Your customer enters the code in the MOVINGBOXES-App and receives the benefits depending on the package you have booked.

Which package may it be?

Basic, Pro or Premium