Frequently Asked Questions

Operation questions

Yes, you can now share your move with friends, family, etc.

Go to the details page of your move.

On the tab " Persons" you can share your move with friends, spouses, etc. and provide them with user-defined rights.
This is a multi-step process:

  1. Use the plus button to enter the email address with which you would like to share your move. If necessary, adapt your personal message and finally press to " Send & quot ;.

    If the person is standing next to you, you can also ask him / her to briefly go to your own profile - you can then scan the barcode next to the e-mail address.
    The e-mail address does not have to have an account for moving boxes! He / she will be informed about this and can create his / her own account.
  2. The invitee receives the information on the dashboard / home page that you have invited him / her and can confirm this.
  3. If your invitation is successful, you will also receive information about it on your dashboard / home page.
    Now you can distribute and save the authorizations. Only now does the invitee gain access to your move.
    Permissions are:
    Cardboard boxes, rooms, inventory, checklist, PDF export, partners, own fields




You have the possibility under "PDF-Export" to export labels for the boxes. These then contain a QR code. If you, for example, In the inventory the function used to scan, all contents of the box are displayed.
The QR code includes the name of the box.

Restart the app and it should work again. We work on a solution!

Under your profile you can use the "Delete account" link to start the process of deleting all your data.

Questions about PDF Export

Go to the PDF export page and click the gear. There you can set the "PDF display" to "internal viewer". Now the error should no longer appear.

Go to the PDF export page and click the gear. There you can increase the "QR code version".

Questions about Import

If you give the move a name, the import button can also be clicked.

[March 29, 2021]
The problem is fixed in version 2.0.1

[March 28, 2021]
We are currently working on the solution! Please be patient!

IMPORTANT: Do not delete the app, otherwise your data will be lost.